About Our Pricing

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Competitive prices

Our prices are very competitive for our products and services and, as a general rule, we do not offer discounts or coupons. While we do provide gift certificates or coupon discounts, they are almost always subsidized by event management, particularly when an exhibitor purchases a comprehensive event sponsorship package.

The Postage Impact 

Postage is by far the biggest factor accounting for 60-80% or more of the total cost of fulfillment. Since postage rates are fixed by the US Postal Services, discounts on our already low margins for printing and production do not make sense. To keep our costs and prices competitive, we regularly comparison shop our products and services to ensure our pricing, costs, quality and service levels meet and exceed the demands of the marketplace while keeping margins relatively low.

How to minimize the cost for direct mail

Volume. While postage rates remain fixed, printing and production costs per piece decline with higher volume. The higher the quantity, the lower the cost per piece. Significant price break thresholds are for quantities of 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 pieces and more.

Extended Period Contract. Similar to the way volume can decrease the cost per piece, extended period contracts for minimum quantities over a specific timeframe can reduce the cost per piece for direct mail. The savings come by way of advanced planning and preparation along with efficiencies in scheduling, production, inventory management, billing and delivery to the US Postal Services.

One-Time Discounts. Some printers will offer a one-time discount in an effort to ‘buy’ your initial order. If the printing job is shopped around enough, you can likely find a printer that will offer lowball’ pricing. Such pricing tactics are not sustainable and something will be compromised on your job be it quality (paper stock and/or production QA), service levels or the timeliness of completion. We work hard to always be competitive with our quality, service and pricing and are proud of our sustainable business model – we intend to be around for years to come.