“It was easy and professionally done”
Chad B. / Cycling Exhibitor

“I feel it [postcard mailing] was a very good investment and you made everything quite easy for us. [The entire process] was very smooth.”
C.T. / Cycling Exhibitor

“Mailing only to shops that were actually going to be attending the show is the biggest [benefit]. In the past we have just mailed to “The [industry] List” not knowing whom from the list was planning to attend. Being able to only mail to attendees saves paper and postage.”
C.T. Cycling Exhibitor

“We’re a small company and Interbike is most of our marketing budget. We got our promotion [postcards] out and had orders before the show, at the show and continue after the show.”
Elizabeth H. / Cycling Exhibitor

“Looking good! …Please send extra thanks to the graphics guru/designer!”
Elizabeth H. / Cycling Exhibitor

Turnkey List Rental and Mailing Services

  • Mail postcards directly to INTERBIKE 2015 Retail Store Buyer attendees.
  • Promote your brand/products, invite buyers to schedule meetings, visit your booth, order show specials... and BUY!
  • Turnkey fulfillment service includes everything: use of the official INTERBIKE 2015 Retail Store Buyer attendee list (a $500 value), printing, postage and mailing. Design services available.
Three Easy Steps
Postcard Design Formats:
Postcard sizes Design Template Example
4.25" x 6" Back / Front  View Example
5.5" x 8.5" Back / Front  View Example
5.5" x 11" Back / Front  View Example
  Blog: What size postcard is best?
  Download logo files for
Interbike / H+FB
  Additional design templates: Fle formats

 Step 1 of 3: Select your postcard services

You may mail anytime year-round. Plan for your postcards to be in the mail up to one week after ordering (time for data/design preparation, staging, show management approval, client proof approval, printing and mailing). 

Retail Store Buyer Database for
Interbike 2015*
Postcard Sizes & Pricing
(Includes printing, First Class postage, list rental fees and mailing)
 One postcard per store  One postcard per buyer
Retail Stores *
Selling Fitness Related Products
809 health+fitness stores

 4.25" x 6"        $1,395
 5.5" x 8.5"       $1,595
 5.5" x 11"        $1,895
1,512 health+fitness buyers

 4.25" x 6"        $1,795
 5.5" x 8.5"       $2,095
 5.5" x 11"        $2,395
Bike Shops/Retail Stores *
Selling Cycling Related Products
3,541 cycling stores

 4.25" x 6"        $2,595
 5.5" x 8.5"       $3,395
 5.5" x 11"        $3,895
10,040 cycling buyers

 4.25" x 6"        $5,995
 5.5" x 8.5"       $7995
 5.5" x 11"        $8995
Questions? Contact us
* The mailing lists are from the official database of attendees for INTERBIKE 2015. Initial records are store buyers that attended the 2014 show. As store buyers register for the 2015 event, they are integrated into the file. Minimum mailing quantities for each list segment are show above. We have partnered with show management to make this service available and to ensure your postcards are sent to the most up to date attendee list available. Questions? Contact us or your show representative.

 Step 2 of 3: Choose your creative design service (optional)

 I will provide my own postcard design files (no charge): $0
 4.25" x 6" postcard design fees (optional):    $195

 5.5" x 8.5" postcard design fees (optional):   $245
 5.5" x 11" postcard design fees (optional):    $295

 Step 3 of 3: Review your order and checkout

There should now be two items in your cart: 

  1. Your chosen mailing list and postcard size  
  2. Design services (optional)

After check out, you will receive:

  1. Your order confirmation and credit card receipt (two emails sent immediately)
  2. A third email within 24 hours from the Expo-Commerce team on how to provide us with your creative design (or optional work with us on your design)
  3. A digital proof for your review and approval, after processing and prior to printing/mailing

    Please plan for up to 5 business days after placing your order for processing, proof approval, printing and mailing